Peter Wolters

Drs. Peter S.R. Wolters
Strategy, imagineering, master plans


The world is transforming rapidly, old values and starting points disappear in order to make room for new insights, tasks and processes, inspired and initiated by well educated, ambitious, communicative and internationally orientated juniors.

For Zoos in general this transition means a special challenge. This ‘Zoovolution’ will result in the fact that ambassadorship for nature, nature preservation and nature education including societal thinking and developing and sustainability are the pure essence of existence for Zoos. Furthermore, This ‘Zoovolution’ will cause that, due to the changing composition of visitors, a visit will be seen as a special experiences by juniors as well as seniors.

Imagineering fed by a broad inspiration creates innovations for both existing and new Zoos also based on Darwin’s philosophy ‘Survival of the fittest’.
Strategy is characterized by choice in location, the philosophy ‘Blue Ocean’ and the principal of ‘The Butterfly Effect’. In this the business-case and the ratios will be ultimately the critical factors.

Zoo Consultants believes that this way of thinking, inspired by years of experience and having a specific vision, we will have an important contribution to this ‘ZooVolution’.

Sabine Boucherie

Ing. S. Boucherie
Director International Projects
Husbandry, nature experience, nature education, conservation, management

About Sabine…

My study and entire working life is all about nature, animals and everything that has to do with this. In the past I have worked as a manager of animal parks, where I was mainly responsible for animal collections, nature conservation, implementation and business in the various animal parks.

I started for myself in projects in the field of nature experience: Natuurlijk Doen Projecten.

Within Zoo Consultants I am responsible for cumstomer relationship management, developing new concepts, nature experience, husbandry and animal management.

In addition to this work, I also work part-time as a manager in a restaurant and I am a board member at two nature foundations.

I like to spend my free time with my family and our dog and of course I like to spend time in nature

Maarten Frankenhuis

Maarten Frankenhuis - Zoo Consultants

Professor Dr. M.Th. Frankenhuis
Management, animals, conservation

About Maarten Th. Frankenhuis…

Maarten Th. Frankenhuis was born in Enschede, the Netherlands on 9 juli 1942.

After his secondary education in Enschede, he studied veterinary sciences at Utrecht State University. From 1965 to 1967 Frankenhuis served two years in the Royal Dutch Army as a lieutenant – platoon commander in the armoured infantry.

In 1974 he finished his PhD dissertation on intersexuality in birds titled: An attempt to induce autofertilisation in the domestic fowl.

From 1974 to 1975 he was a general veterinary practitioner in Olst (province Overijssel) and from 1975 to 1979 Frankenhuis was involved in a research project on cryptorchidism and male infertility (Utrecht State University).

From 1979 to 1984 Frankenhuis was staff veterinarian and researcher at the Rotterdam Zoo, the Netherlands, and from 1984 to 1990 he served in the position of full professor in poultry medicine and pathology (Utrecht State University) and research coordinator Central Poultry Health Institute (Doorn). Frankenhuis was the (co)author of more than 275 books, scientific articles and other publications.

From 1990 to 2003 Frankenhuis was general director of Artis Am­sterdam Zoo.

After his retirement he is involved in writing books, articles and columns, and lecturing and doing other presentations, guiding ecotours in South and East Africa and South and Central America, and already for more than 10 years serving as an advisor to Zoo Consultants. In the previous decades Frankenhuis was a member of the board of directors of several (scientific) societies and foundations.

Tijn Greve

Drs. M.G. Greve
Banking, financing, feasibillity study

I have been working as a consultant for Zoo Consultants with great pleasure for several years. Zoo Consultants has extensive expertise in the field of animal parks, with which a multitude of innovative concepts are initiated and developed. As a consultant, I am involved in all phases of the development process: from planning to implementation. My specific area of ​​attention concerns the financing of the (animal) parks and dômes that Zoo Consultants develops and implements both at home and abroad.

More information can be found on my LinkedIn profile.

Mariëlle Oonk

M.F.J. Oonk
Executive Assistent
Executive secretary, website, design

About Mariëlle…

Since November 2016 I have been working as a secretary at Zoo Consultants. From the first moment I feel completely at home; the people I work with, the green environment, the peace and space only give me energy.

My work as a secretary within this organization is comprehensive, instructive and surprising, not one day is the same and that means that I always work with a fresh sense.

Up to and including 2014, I have been working for years as (executive) secretary in a totally different branch. After this, I started to focus more on development in the creative field and study. When I encountered the vacancy at this company, I knew immediately that it would suit me: nature, animals, creativity and work-experience in one package and all of that so nearby my home.

What particularly attracts me in my work is the alternation of activities and in particular creative activities such as design, drawings, elaboration of imagineering-presentations,  impressions and so on. The cooperation with Peter and the rest of my colleagues is also very pleasant.

Since 2008 I am a mother of a wonderful daughter and spend a lot of time with her, doing board games and playing cards is one of our favorite activities. When I have time for myself, I like to read an exciting book, or watch a good series or film. Also, of course, spending time with my boyfriend and other loved ones is important very to me.

As a creative person I like to paint (paintings) and I like crafts, do-it-yourself, stuff “pimping” etcetera… by making something out of nothing gives me satisfaction.


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Zoo Consultants carries out market research, imagineering and concept development, develops fauna passages, elaborates master plans, conducts feasibility studies, risk analysis and project management.

Zoo Consultants wants to develop zoos, Dômes and wildlife resorts that are innovative, based on our ‘vision’ and ‘vision and beyond’ which can be recognized by the sustainable and natural appearance.