New Website

New Website

We welcome you to our new website !!


Finally in the air … The time has come: Zoo Consultants has been renewed.


You are now looking at a brand new website. Not only the appearance, but also the content and functionalities have been considerably improved. We take you into all innovations and we are of course curious about your opinion!


With this new website, Zoo Consultants wants to give a better insight of what we do, how we work and who we are. In addition, the intention is to maintain more active contact by regularly writing new blogs.


What is at issue now?

The holiday period is over and everyone is back to work or will soon pick up the work again.


During the holiday period, it is quiet with ongoing projects; normally during the holiday period.
Since we have a lot to do with municipalities, provinces and developers, during this period we have been able to focus mainly on administrative matters, visualizing our goals and planning and, of course, making the latest adjustments regarding this website.


Furthermore, we look forward to the coming period. Discussions with stakeholders in relation to a number of projects will start again; we expect to be able to take steps this year with regard to Veluwe Wild and MicroMania.


Keep an eye on our website! You can read here whether there are any developments. Do you want to know what we are currently doing? Take a look at Portfolio …


Until the next blog!


Warnsveld, 11 September 2018