We are regularly approached by governments, investors and operators for imagineering, analysis, second opinions and developments relating to zoos, wildlife parks, dômes and wildlife resorts.
For each project, a team of professionals is formed.


At the moment we have a number of projects in portfolio.
If you are interested in being involved in a project, we kindly ask you to contact us.



Below you see our current projects.

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MicroMania is a cross between a small animal zoo, a nature museum and a science centre. Because of the striking mix of animal encounters, education and interactivity, MicroMania is a completely new category in the Netherlands.


MicroMania focuses on a broad target-group; it is a place where everyone – from all ages – will be amazed and entertained.


We are developing an indoor nature experience with a large theme-restaurant and plenty of parking spaces.


A location has been found where the project can be realized.
Zoo Consultants has had several discussions with the intended municipality. At the end of 2019, beginning of 2020, it must be clear whether the location where the project can be realized is actually available.
We will of course keep you informed!


November 2019

Butterfly World

There are plans to develop a Butterfly World. There’s a view of a possible suitable location that will become available in mid-2018.
Butterfly World is a unique indoor experience. This special experience is developed with the aim to bring the public, education, nature conservation and science to the attention. In particular the importance of flora and fauna – and thus nature conservation – is put first.



Zoo Consultants is now in consultation with various parties regarding implementation.


November 2019

Butterfly World - Zoo Consultants



SuriDôme is a particularly covered day attraction of about 2 hectares. SuriDôme is a unique and innovative nature and culture experience based on the animals that occur in the seas, rivers and lakes of Suriname. The public is brought here immediately into a piece of Suriname, one imagines for a moment on the other side of the ocean.


In addition to the animal experience, SuriDôme allows the audience to enjoy film experiences and diverse performances. The Dôme also contains a restaurant with a varied range and many terraces. Children can enjoy themselves in the adventurous indoor play area. There will also be a large outdoor play jungle where you have a good view from the terraces and conservatories. In addition, the Dôme includes a reception, a ZOOvenir-shop, office spaces, various storage facilities and an adjacent and naturally set up park.


SuriDôme is fully landscaped and fitted in a natural way and the parking facility will also have a natural appearance, so that the experience of nature already starts in the parking lot.


Zoo Consultants is still in discussions with a number of parties regarding this concept and any possibilities for realization.


November 2019

Pangea Parc


Pangea Parc is an all-weather accommodation of approximately 1.5 hectares with an adjacent outdoor experience ‘Pangea Expedition’ of approximately 4 hectares. The visitor experiences various exciting and spectacular experiences here.


Pangea Parc contains the largest and most exciting “Reptilion” in Europe, where the public is immersed in a unique and innovative experience. In addition, the indoor accommodation includes a “Night Safari”, where one goes on an exciting safari with nocturnal animals, an “Insectarium” where the public can enter the insect world and various Aquaria. Pangea Parc also includes a Foodcourt with an extensive range. In the largest and most natural indoor playground “Adventure Arena” children will entertain themselves to their heart’s content between various large palm trees and in the “Theatron” one can enjoy various performances and film experiences.


In “Pangea Expedition” the general public learns about the origins of animal species, by shifting the supercontinent Pangea. Very slowly the continents drifted apart and the animals on the continents developed separately from each other and adapted to their own environment. The public is face to face with lifelike dinosaurs, but also with a few species of crocodiles, alligators, sharks, sturgeons and catfish.


We are still looking for an interesting location for this concept.


November 2019



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Zoo Consultants carries out market research, imagineering and concept development, develops fauna passages, elaborates master plans, conducts feasibility studies, risk analysis and project management.


Zoo Consultants wants to develop zoos, Dômes and wildlife resorts that are innovative, based on our ‘vision’ and ‘vision and beyond’ which can be recognized by the sustainable and natural appearance.